10 Best End Table Reviews For 2021

For a warming home, we need pieces of furniture. There can be varied from grandfather clock to some pieces of sofas. However, there is one furniture that is both decorative and useful. It is an end table where you can place your books, or it can be placed next to your beds for lamps on the tables. As smart-looking and beneficial an end table can be, here are the top ten best end tables.

10. Crown Mark

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Crown Mark has a transitional style. It is a wooden table with awesome-looking height and proportion. The product is finished with an espresso color. In fact, there are varied colors for you to consider such as black. There doesn’t require any assembly process at all. The end table does come full as it is. Furthermore, it is an exceptional table to display ornaments and books.

The table is crafted by a company which has more than a century in experience for the market and industry. Besides, it is well researched and designed by expert teams who are well-reputed in the sector.

9. Zinus

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Zinus is a modernist end table with two shelves. When you can display books at the bottom shelf, we can display lamps on the upper shelf. It is a comfortable end table to stand beside your beds. It is a very compact table and occupies only small spaces of your spaces. The product’s frame is constructed with a steel tube.

Additionally, it is finished with a rich brown color. You can choose another color which is an Espresso color. The loading limit for it is 100 pounds. As a great decoration for your bedrooms or living rooms, the company covers one-year warranties with limits for Zinus too.

8. Decor Therapy

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Decory Therapy is an extravagant and classic end table. There are around 10 colors for the end table that you can consider one or two. Those colors are from aged cherry to iced blue. No matter what, the main outlook design itself is marvelous with support stands coming in a triangular structure to support the compact and not spacious board of the table.

Even though Decor Therapy does require an assembly; the assembly process doesn’t come quite handy. There is no chance it doesn’t boast as one of the most outstanding end tables available in the market.

7. Convenience Concepts

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Convenience Concepts is sophisticated which enables it as one of the most brilliant end tables available. There are around ten colors from a black one to a cherry & black color. First, it is manufactured from MDF material that is a very tough material in the sector. Additionally, the style is transitional yet more sophisticated than a traditional & transitional end table. Moreover, it serves perfectly for your living rooms or bed rooms.

Convenience Concepts is small and doesn’t take up much of your space. What’s more, you still have plenty of rooms to display your books, lamps and ornaments on the table.

6. Vasagle

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We shouldn’t have any hassles for choosing Vasagle as the end table comes handy with full-satisfaction warranties. The company offers great customer service. For how to take care of it, there is a manual book for you to read in great detail. Regardless, it shouldn’t take much effort for us to take good care of the end table.

Vasagle comes with a bottom shelf that is a metal grid. That is good for holding books and other ornaments. The end table is perfect to serve tea. Besides, the frame is tough because it is made with iron and comes with powder coating for a finishing style and rustproof quality. It is marvelous to have the end table in your living rooms, as a result.

5. Furinno

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Furinno is designed to be excellent. There is without a doubt that it is one of the toppers as the best outstanding end table. The end table is constructed for mixed materials including CARB and composite wood. For the leg parts, it is manufactured with PVC tubes. These materials assure long-performing and sturdy qualities of Furinno’s. Additionally, although, it takes assembly for the end table; the process can’t take you more than 5 minutes.

The end table is highly compact and fits perfectly as a night stand at small spaces. We can use it as a plant stand indoor too. The edge design has a considerate thinking because it is rounded, and it reduces chances of injuries.

4. Winsome

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Winsom is an end table with a drawer style. There is a drawer and storage with a window for Winsome. Furthermore, the product is constructed with wood that is highly compatible for bedside uses and living rooms. The wood construction is Beech wood when we can have multiple options for color finishing such as clear lacquer, espresso and white.

Even though the end table does take assembly; it isn’t very difficult to assemble the end table at all. There is no requirement for hardware or tools for it. Besides, it can be a perfect piece of furniture for your homes.

3. Furinno 2

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Furinno 2 is tough and futuristic. When the outlook design is futuristic because of its two shelves and minimalistic general outlook, the product is constructed from composite wood. Moreover, their legs are made up from PVC tubes which are tough material. Although, it does demand assembly for the product; it can take us only five minutes for the whole assembly process. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any hassles at all with it.

It has a careful product design as well. The edges are rounded by purpose as to avoid accidental injuries from sharp edges, lastly.

2. Furinno 3

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We don’t run short on colors with Furinno 3 because there are varied colors for considerations such as Americano, Dark Walnut and Light Blue. In fact, there are ten finishing colors for us to take into consideration. The construction material is high-density. It is manufactured with fabric of a non-woven quality and composite wood.

The loading capacity for Furinno 3 is 15 pounds that enables it as a lightweight and compact end table, lastly.

1.Furinno 4

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Furinno 4 has a strong construction. It is manufactured from CARB and composite wood. The legs feature PVC tubes. There comes with perfect finishing with colors such as Columbia Walnut & Black as well as White. There shouldn’t be a fuss for assembly Furinno 4. The edges come rounded to prevent unnecessary injuries, lastly.


Having an end table beside your beds or in your living rooms serves as a marvelous and excellent piece of furniture for decorations. There shouldn’t be any hesitations for you to get one for yourselves and families.